Our vision is to be dedicated to providing customers with quality athletic apparel on an easy-to-use, secure website that makes shopping an enjoyable experience.


Who we are

Kingdom Apparel was initiated with the simple aim of providing athletic apparel that doesn’t compromise on fashion. We believe all athletes have an individual style that should not be hidden with generic-style active-wear. This is why we work hard to design and manufacture unique athletic apparel that features all the ideal elements of active-wear like quality, comfort, and longevity, but also has the element of fashion. We also provide custom apparel.


Style and quality

At Kingdom Apparel, our philosophy is focused on affordability. We don’t agree that quality apparel can only be expensive, and we prove it by providing stylish and high quality athletic apparel at the best prices. This way, all passionate athletes know where to go when they want style and quality apparel that’s affordable.

Like you, we love sports and understand the significance of quality when it comes to athletic apparel. Our products are manufactured using durable fabrics and lasting manufacturing techniques that stand the constant wear and tear of engaging in sports or workouts. 


Dedicated to you

We are a proudly American brand and we strive to make quality products you can be proud of. We are dedicated to serving and giving back to the community and we want you to be proud to support and wear Kingdom Apparel. 

With our exceptional customer service complementing our top quality and affordable products, you’re sure to enjoy shopping with Kingdom Apparel. Browse the Kingdom Apparel range and shop today. We have stylish active-wear and also do custom apparel orders.