Kingdom Apparel Mobile Retail Truck


New For 2018

The first mobile retail truck in Lake & Geauga county

Rather than brick and mortar

We decided on investing in a mobile retail truck that we could bring to the people.  This allowed us the flexibility to travel to you, rather than being stuck in one spot. You will be able to find us downtown at sporting events and at local fairs and festivals. 

The outside was designed

And wrapped by Hot Cards in Cleveland. We invested a lot in the "wrap", as this was the most important feature of the truck. 


The truck we purchased in April 2017 needed a lot of work. First picture with the truck before any work was done. 

The inside of the truck needed a lot of work. Luckily we had help...


Inside the truck features

A custom window for our sales staff to better serve customers. Custom turf to give the truck a sporty feel and help keep it free of dirt, shelving that helps showcase our products and various features that help secure the truck for our staff. 


Stay tuned this year

For monthly giveaways as well as where you can find the truck and all the exciting things Kingdom Apparel is up to!


Find us!

It won't be hard!